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When NYIOP began in 2003, we spent a great deal of time teaching artists and managers the differences between the different markets in Europe and the United States.  How Germany differed from Italy and France from Russia etc etc.  This was before YouTube and before NYIOP connected the opera casting world in a way that simply didn’t exist to that point.

Now there is only one marketplace for an artist to target – the entire world!  What you do today in New York City will be known about tonight in Moscow and tomorrow in Japan.  Casting Directors talk constantly to one another at performances and via the telephone.  Co-productions are being arranged every seasons between theaters that are on opposite sides of the planet, yet the production is built as if it is in one theater.


The main piece missing for today’s artists and managers is INFORMATION.  Every artist coaches weekly with different coaches and teachers to get more INFORMATION on how to better market themselves for work.  Every agency devotes countless man-hours to gather the INFORMATION that makes their business survive – who is casting what, when will they be hearing people, who is emerging as a new talent to follow, how is that artist developing over the seasons etc etc etc.

The problem with all of the information need is LOCATION and LACK OF TIME to gather the information truly needed.  The information is spread out all over the world – but the people needing it are spread out all over the world too.  How to put these two pieces together?  How to connect the artists and agencies with the people who KNOW what they need and save both TIME and MONEY?


Enter Webinars.  It is possible for us to offer our Webinar attendees direct interaction with industry professionals and specialists from all over the world at one time, in one place – even when each participant is sitting in a different country.  For example, it is possible to hold a discussion on casting trends and have a casting professional from the West Coast of the USA, an Intendant of a German theater, a Casting Director from Australia and three agents from Russia, New York and Chile all discussing this together at the same time – and NYIOP is bringing access to this to YOU via our Webinars.

You can simply listen to what is being discussed or take part in open discussions.  You can submit questions to be covered in discussion and even propose possible Webinar topics for the future.  All of this is being built for YOU – to get you the INFORMATION you need to move forward.


We propose to create an on-going regular schedule of Webinars with weekly themes.  We will publish these themes online about two months in advance on our Calendar and registration is open until the available places are filled.  Registration is done directly from the calendar page of each individual Webinar.

We plan to hold our main topic discussions every Saturday at 1pm NYC/7pm Berlin for 90 minutes each.  Additionally, we will begin to offer Wednesday discussions that will be much more laser focused on timely topics such as young artist and student issues, social networking etc.