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Here are some clips from our past NYIOP Webinars for you to enjoy


It is possible to see all past NYIOP Webinars streamed online via these clips below.  The fee is the same $20 that was charged for the webinars themselves – except the two that were offered for no fee, those are free to view.


12 October 2013 – our guest was Bill Palant, Vice President of IMG Artists

Webinar Topic: Ask an Agent


How do you find the talent you manage?

Bill Palant talks about the Me Me Me of our current world

What do you think about Real Age vs. How you Look?  And also about the concept of “lying about your age”?


How has the business changed since you began?


How do feel about the necessity of YouTube or Social Media in today’s opera world?


1 October 2013 – our guests were Giandomenico Vaccari and Jari Haemaelainen

Webinar Topic: What works in an Audition?

What opinions do you for in the period between when an artist enters the room and they begin singing?