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Мы продолжаем серию вебинаров для оперных певцов от компании NYIOP. На этот раз мы разберем следующие вопросы:
- как найти менеджера, и чем менеджер может Вам помочь?
- какой репертуар Вам нужно петь? Как репертуар может повлиять на Вашу карьеру?
На эти, а также ВАШИ вопросы, ответит мировой эксперт в сфере оперного бизнеса, основатель и генеральный директор компании NYIOP – Дэвид Блэкберн.
Вебинар будет проводиться на английском языке, перевод на русский язык будет осуществлять менеджер проектов NYIOP – Ольга Ан.
Due to the overwhelming success of our first English/Russian webinar we are hosting another Online Masterclass specifically to cover the topics that were MOST ASKED ABOUT during our first class -
  • How do I find a manager and what do they do? and
  • What repertoire should I sing and how does that affect my career goals?
Again, international opera talent scout and founder of NYIOP, David Blackburn, will explain how these things work in the real world and then answer all of YOUR questions honestly and openly!


Here is a Screenshot from our last Webinar about Auditioning


Everything you need to know about Auditioning – EVERYTHING.

ВСЁ, что Вам нужно знать об ОПЕРНЫХ ПРОСЛУШИВАНИЯХ.

Thursday, May 08, 2014
9:00 PM – 11:00 PM (Moscow+00)

Четверг, 8 мая, 2014
21.00-23.00 (по Московскому времени)

During this webinar, David Blackburn, the world’s #1 expert on auditioning for opera, will explain the process of auditioning and tell honest and open truths about what things every successful audition contains as well as help define the processes that any artist can go thru to make their audition package competitive in European and American opera houses.  After this webinar presentation, he webinar will turn to a robust period where YOU can ask your questions directly to David and have him answer for your specific needs.

This webinar will be presented with a particular focus on Russian-speaking artists.

Olga Ahn will be present to translate the webinar into Russian for participants.


Дэвид Блэкберн, эксперт №1 в мире в бизнесе международных оперных прослушиваний, откроет секреты успешного прохождения оперных прослушиваний, а также подробно расскажет о всех составляющих, которые сделают Вас конкурентоспособными в Европейских и Американских Оперных театрах. После вебинара Г-н Блэкберн ответит на все интересующие Вас вопросы.

Переводчиком вебинара на русский язык будет являться Ольга Ан.


Register Here:

Cost: USD25 per registrant (via PayPal upon registration)





FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER YOU will have regular access to the people who really run the opera industry

Never before has a company brought such direct
and candid information to artists


With great success, NYIOP has begin offering a series of LIVE Webinars that are open to any artist worldwide to participate.  These are designed to give YOU in information you need to grow and succeed.

Each week we will offer an “ONLINE MASTERCLASS” focused on a variety of topics essential to professional growth and will feature information from and interaction with high-level professionals from all over the world.

THIS is the information you were never taught in school or heard from your teachers or coaches – this is the information you usually only learn after years in a career – and everyone wishes they knew beforehand!



We now have two options for registering – either per session or via a monthly subscription

PER SESSION: Each session is USD25 to participate.  You simply need to click below to register and pay upon registration.

SUBSCRIPTION: There is also an option to pay USD50 per month and you will have the right to attend ALL sessions each month, in addition to discounts on all NYIOP online offerings.  This will include discounted access to the upcoming “NYIOP Focus” presentations and discussions, which will be short lectures of very specific topics in our industry followed by open online discussions.  If you choose to subscribe, once completed you will receive a unique discount code to be used when registering for each webinar individually and the fee for any FOCUS presentation is only $10.

BONUS OFFERIf you subscribe to the Webinars, after three months of your paid subscription, you will receive a Discount Code worth $150 off of your next NYIOP Audition!!  So you actually pay NOTHING for the Subscription! Subscribe today!







ALL past webinars are now online for you to view as you have time!!  Follow here to find out more!



Listen to what Bill Palant of IMG Artists has to say about the NYIOP Webinars!!


Here is a short clip from our NYIOP Webinar from 12 October 2013 with Bill Palant of IMG Artists -

here he discusses the use and effect of Social Media and YouTube on today’s opera world

All Webinars will be open to all professionals from the entire world and will be held in any language spoken by a member of the panel!!

There is now only ONE MARKET in our business – the WORLD - and the NYIOP Webinars are bringing that one world to your screen!!


Future topics planned will include:

  • Interviews with professional artists, managers and casting directors
  • Q&A sessions to answer submissions from artists (submit your questions to
  • Professional Development such as managing your online presence, audition preparation and presentation, differences and trending between the North American and European systems, Young Artist Forum, etc
  • Emerging markets and casting trends worldwide
  • Managing yourself vs. Finding management
  • Many more topics planned


SPECIAL OFFER: Do YOU have an idea for a topic that would be useful? Submit your idea to and if we choose your topic, you can sing in a NYIOP at a 50% discount!