Announcing the 2015-16 NYIOP Season


Announcing the 14th season of NYIOP Auditions!

New Paths and New Partners

Let NYIOP Help you Refine and Perfect Your Submission Materials before the Season Starts!  Personal and Direct Feedback on your submission materials from David Blackburn – see below!

Our First NYC Auditions will be 20-23 December at the National Opera Center in NYC! Mark the dates!
Additional Sessions in Europe, Russia and North America will be announced in October 2015


Online Registration and Submissions will open THIS WEEK!!


Finally – ONLINE PREVIEWS – Just send your video audition!

Beginning this season, there are TWO ways to register for a Preview Audition

1. NEW ONLINE Previews – Starting this year we will be accepting ONLINE video submissions for Preview Auditions!  You simply register online, attach a resume and your “online audition” video and we will let you know if you pass to the final auditions no later than 7 December – in time to get a good flight ticket.  PLUS – all online registrations will receive a brief feedback from NYIOP on their online audition.  The fee for the ONLINE Previews is ONLY $100.  If passed to the final auditions, this amount will be credited 100% toward the final audition fee of $300.

(For those who apply online and wish a longer feedback discussion about their submission, please write us and we can arrange a time)

2. LIVE Preview Audition – As in the past, we will hold LIVE preview audition on the days immediately before the final auditions.  These LIVE preview auditions will be attended by Agencies and some American theaters, so even if you don’t pass to the final auditions you could get an agent or even a contract! The fee for the LIVE Preview auditions is $300 and if you are passed to the final auditions you pay nothing extra.

**The Deadline for ONLINE Preview submissions for the Dec 2015 NYC auditions is 7 December.  After this date, all singers must apply for a LIVE Preview Audition.**


New partnership with YAP Tracker for all Online Registrations, Payments and Scheduling

For several years we have worked with YAP Tracker for publicity and information and have always held them in the highest regard for their business practices and we are very happy to announce our new partnership with them.  Many of you already use YAP Tracker for your other auditions and we hope this new relationship will make registering for your NYIOP Preview or Final Audition a smoother process.

ALL NYIOP auditions will be scheduled thru YAP Tracker, even those held in Europe and other locations worldwide.  We are sure you will find their services clear and easy to use and that this will make it even easier to keep track of your scheduled time!

If you don’t already have a subscription to YAP Tracker, we highly encourage you register today!  They offer a great package of tools for young and established artists alike.  Tell them NYIOP sent you –


Theaters for the December NYC Auditions will be announced no later than 15 November

All European, Russian and other North American sessions and attending theaters will be announced in October.






(Answer: The Materials you submit for an audition.)

Want to Perfect your Submission Materials before the Season Starts?

Personal and direct feedback about your materials by David Blackburn of NYIOP
Understand and better focus your product NOW while there is still time to refine how  you sell yourself before submissions are due

The season is upon us for submitting applications for many many YAP, Summer Program, School or Professional Auditions. Most applications require a video submission these days and in most cases you do not hear anything back about the materials you submit – you either get in or don’t but no one tells you why it worked or why it didn’t work. This opportunity is designed to help you get real informed feedback about what you are submitting and help you better position yourself for success.

You can have direct feedback about the materials you submit by one of the world’s experts on audition materials and submissions.

The world is changing and how you show yourself on video and in your submitted materials has complete control over whether or not you will be heard live or considered at all! Before the season gets into full swing, you can send the materials you plan to use to David Blackburn for a complete and honest feedback about what impression you make for the level of auditions you want to get.

You can have feedback on just your videos, but if you want him to look over and make suggestions to your entire packet – resume, photo, repertoire list and videos – you can choose that option as well. There are also a limited number of possibilities to schedule a half hour feedback session directly with David over Skype or FaceTime to discuss your package and your plans personally and to help you brainstorm for the auditions coming up.

Get personal and direct advice from THE audition specialist that has literally seen thousands of submissions from all over the world at every level.
If you would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity before you start sending out your materials, email

Options and Fees: 

  • Personal Emailed Feedback from up to 1-2 submitted videos – $50 before 1 October, $75 after that date
  • Complete Materials Feedback via email (resume, photos, rep list and videos) – $100
  • Complete package plus a half hour Skype session with David to discuss – $200

Offer is open to any singer from any country and is not limited to singers from the USA. Spaces are limited for live feedback discussions. Emailed feedback will be sent within a week of submission. Communication can be in English, German, Italian or Russian as necessary.


Worldwide Training Opportunities thru the Academia della Lirica

We are also very happy to announce a partnership with the Academia della Lirica, an Italian-based professional training series that plans a variety of training courses around the world.  Each course they offer is aimed at providing PROFESSIONAL training by the actual professionals that work for the theaters that produce the operas and not from teachers and pianists that focus their careers in conservatories and universities.

The first two-week course offered this past summer focused on the true Italian-style as practiced in actual Italian theaters and the courses were taught by actual pianists from the Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, Teatro Petruzzelli di Bari, Teatro dell’Opera di Roma as well as professional working artists.  It was an enormous success and they are already planning an expanded project for this coming summer of 2016.

Future courses to be held throughout the season will include several week-long courses each focusing on a different repertoire such as German repertoire, Bel Canto repertoire and French repertoire, as well as highly-concentrated week-long focus courses on the main roles in La Boheme, Don Giovanni and Carmen specially designed for both full professionals as well as young artists and culminating with actual performances of the major parts of each opera.

For more information on the activities of the Academia della Lirica, go to their website here –


New Online Masterclass Series to begin in October 2015 – Information as Direct as it can be Given

This season we will also continue the Online Masterclass series with periodic online interactive classes to connect artists with the professionals that actually do the casting or agents who can answer YOUR questions about the business.  If you go to our YouTube channel you can view some of the past Online Masterclasses and you will soon realize that getting the information directly from those in the business gives you a unique chance to hear the information in a way you have never experienced before!


More Surprises to come…

These are some of the new paths and new partners we are excited to announce for this season – but there are more things to come over the next months!

We look forward to hearing you all soon!  If you have questions you can always contact us at

Our goal is to help YOU take the steps you need to furthering your career – if you have suggestions or ideas of how we an do this better – please let us know!

In bocca al lupo for the new season and we wish you every success!
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