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What are the NYIOP Auditions?

The NYIOP International Auditions, or the NYIOPs, began in 2003 and were born out of the frustration facing aspiring international opera singers in their desire to audition for European, Domestic and International opera houses. The concept behind the NYIOPs reverses the traditional understanding of international opera auditions: The opera companies travel to hear the singers!

The NYIOP Process allows a singer the opportunity to be heard by numerous houses in one audition, also dramatically cutting the high costs traditionally associated with an “audition tour.” Thanks to the NYIOPs, the international opera market is finally open to singers from all over the world. All it takes is one audition!

Who will hear you?

All of the representatives coming to the final NYIOP Auditions from the houses are casting level representatives and their houses have positions to fill in the current and upcoming seasons. Most of the representatives are in charge of casting hundreds of performances a year and usually stay in the opera business for years to come, so the long-term benefit of singing for these directors can be substantial. Each audition session will be attended by representatives of numerous international opera houses or festivals.


Some NYIOP Audition presentations will require a Preview Scouting audition before you can be passed to the Final Auditions. However, even if you are not passed into the finals directly after your scouting audition, you can be invited to other presentations in the future.  If you are passed to a final audition, the first time you pay no additional fee.  The NYIOP Preview Scouting Audition Panel will consist a number of European casting directors, North American casting directors, agents and NYIOP Staff or invited consultants. All decisions by the NYIOP Scouting Panel are final. All decisions of who we hear at any period during the audition process are solely at NYIOP’s descretion.

Other NYIOP Scouting Auditions will be held around the world during different periods solely for the process of SCOUTING TALENT to be connected with agencies and theaters on a consulting basis.  These auditions will be primarily for NYIOP Scouts and the fee for these will be far below the normal costs for a NYIOP Audition Presentation.  However, the long-term possibilities that can come from one of these Scouting Auditions is immense, as we are constantly in contact with agencies and theaters worldwide to discuss talent we have heard and seen.