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In the interest of making the NYIOP Audition process clear and easy to understand, we have clarified and simplified the “rules” – here they are:

  1. ONE FEE – The fee for ALL NYIOP Auditions is 290 USD/EUR (200GBP) depending on the location of the audition.
  2. NEVER PAY TWICE – If you take part in a LIVE main or preliminary audition process, you pay the fee only one time even if you advance to the final auditions.  Only exceptions is the Summer Big Euro NYIOP.
  3. REGISTER NOW – All sessions are open for online registration once announced.
  4. FEE IS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY – The fee is for the audition itself and not for any specific number of theaters or any specific theaters.
  5. LIST OF THEATERS – The list of attendees for each session will be posted online and is subject to change.
  6. CHANGES CAN HAPPEN – The attendees is subject to change at any time.  However, when we have a cancellation we use all best efforts to replace them with a suitable substitute.
  7. ALL THE LIST – ALL THE TIME – All theaters attending will be present at all auditions in the session unless written prior to the audition.
  8. CONTACTS – Each artist will received an email with the contact sheet of who attendee their audition within 5 days of the end of the session.
  9. HIGH-DEF VIDEO WILL BE MADE – The videos are not made public and will not be released by NYIOP.
  10. REFUNDS – All refunds due will be processed within 15 working days of the end of each session.
  11. NO DISCOUNTS – All artists will pay the same fee, no exceptions.  There will be no discounts and no artists will be allowed to sing for free.
  12. PIANISTS NEED TO BE PAID – Some NYIOP Auditions will supply a pianist and some will not.  This will be clearly listed in your confirmation information.  Those where we do NOT supply a pianist, the artist must provide their own.  For the auditions where NYIOP DOES provide a pianist, a fee of 30 USD/EUR (25 GBP) will be taken in CASH at the check in desk of the auditions session.




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