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This is a general page for making a payment to NYIOP for an upcoming event.  Choose the appropriate Payment from the group below. Once you click the Pay Now below you can enter your information and the amount requested to complete and confirm your upcoming NYIOP Audition or other event.  Once received, NYIOP will contact you with the confirmation.

Thank you for supporting NYIOP.  We are here to help YOU realize your dreams – a little bit easier.


Click Here to Pay for a Private Session with David Blackburn – London, 25 April 2014

Amount: GBP 150



Click Here to Pay for a NYIOP London Audition – 26-27 April 2014

Amount: GBP 240


Click Here to Pay for a NYIOP Summer Audition 2014 – Antwerp – 26-29 June 2014

Amount: EUR 475



Click Below to pay for a Subscrption to the NYIOP Webinars -

Cost: $50 per month