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If you wish to attend a specific NYIOP Audition somewhere in the world, please send an email to and we can confirm your presence at the chosen session.

To attend any NYIOP Session, we have a few simple rules that we ask all theaters to abide by.

The Simple NYIOP Attendee Rules
  1. You must attend all of the scheduled auditions, all of the time.  If you have a scheduling conflict or receive an urgent call from the theater, we will need to stop the auditions until you are present again.  We schedule half-hour breaks during both the morning and afternoon sessions as well as a lengthy lunch period each day in order to allow time for these important matters to be handled.
  2. We can only host official casting representatives at the auditions.  If you are the principal casting authority or one of those involved in the precess, we would love to have you come and listen.  However, if you are being sent by your Intendant as a representative but are not the official casting authority of the theater, we need to have a letter from your Intendant stating that you are being sent by the theater to hear artists and have the power to make casting recommendations.
  3. You agree to hear ONLY the artists presented by NYIOP during your time in the chosen city.  If there are specific artists you wish to hear, NYIOP will arrange for that – simply email us the list of who you wish to hear.  if approached by agencies or singers directly, please do not hesitate to forward them to NYIOP to arrange for their audition.  We can arrange for any specific circumstances necessary.
  4. Send us the repertoire you need to cast/hear no less than 3 weeks before the audition.  Many of the better artists will not wish to sing unless there are roles fitting them being offered.  Without this up-to-date casting information we will not be able to find you the best artists for your needs.
  5. Please inform us of any offers made, contracts accepted or interest in any specific artists. For over 12 years there have been literally thousands of contracts offered as a result of the NYIOP auditions however, if not notified of the interest you have in certain artists, we have no way of keeping track of these successes.  Once of our strengths is that we do not interfere in the negotiation process, however this means we need you to let us know what your have offered.  Just a simple email will help!


Information about Travel Stipends

Not all attendees will be offered travel stipends to all auditions as some theaters offer to cover the costs themselves.  However, if you are being offered a stipend to offset the travel costs to attend the auditions, you will be paid this either as a bank transfer to be received on the first day of the auditions (if bank details are sent with sufficient time) or in local cash on the morning of the last day of the audition session.  You will be asked to sign a receipt for the cash payments and please provide us with copies of your travel receipts for tax purposes.  No other expenses will be covered and we can not provide you with the travel stipend without these documents.

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