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NYIOP is a service organization dedicated to helping the performing arts industry, especially the opera industry, make connections, develop emerging trends and technologies and innovate resources and operations. We do this by scouting the world for emerging and established talent, we leverage this experience by presenting a series of live auditions as well as by offering a number of online services for sourcing and marketing talent worldwide as well as multiple personal development seminars to help artists be better prepared for a career.

With a strong belief in transparency and self-reliance in the arts, we offer access to essential information within the industry and seek to transmit this information to and from all sectors of our business to bridge the knowledge gaps that currently exist. We enact all of our goals from a foundation of deep respect for tradition and an abiding love for the artforms within which we work. This comes from our unique perspective of having been artists ourselves as well as businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers and administrators.

Upcoming NYIOP Events
all-day Moscow International Casting Aud... @ Arkhipova Center, Moscow
Moscow International Casting Aud... @ Arkhipova Center, Moscow
Apr 24 – Apr 27 all-day
На протяжении более 15 лет, NYIOP приглашает  группы директоров международных оперных театров в  крупные города, чтобы прослушать оперных певцов. Сотни карьер были начаты благодаря прослушиваниям NYIOPПростой и прозрачный процесс регистрацииПРослушивание...
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